Bevins Coast - West Coast IPA - 6.8%

Our traditional West Coast IPA is our Flagship Beer! It's a dry, bitter, grapefruit, citrus, dank flavor bomb that is guaranteed to please the fans of this hoppy style. Named after the gorgeous lake our patrons gaze over while enjoying Battle Alley Brewery's Taproom. So come sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery while enjoying this amazing beer.
$7.00 (16 oz)...$6.00 (12 oz)...$3.50 (4 oz)...Growler Fill $21.00 (64 oz)

B.A. Classic - Light Ale - 4.8%:

The name says it all. This beer is made for both craft lovers and those who are just starting their journey. It is a very clean light beer that pleases the masses. With no flavor/aroma from the hops or malt even your buddy who "just doesn't like craft beer" will enjoy. This is sure to be one of our top selling beers!
$5.50 (16 oz)...$4.50 (12 oz)...$2.00 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $16.50 (64 oz)

Sunshine Swig - Blood Orange IPA - 7.2% (100 IBUs):

Our Summer Seasonal is packed full of Real Blood Oranges with a monster IBU to balance it out. Starting with a slight honey like sweetness that is quickly overpowered by flavors of citrus, sweet ripe fruit, and a clean fleeting bitterness. Every Sunshine Swig will take you to your favorite summer hot spot so you can relax and enjoy another beautiful day. Our Local Love Tap!
$8.50 (16 oz)...$7.50 (12 oz)...$4.00 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $25.50 (64 oz)

Suspicious Alibi - Oatmeal Stout with Cocoa Nibs - 5.2%:

This deliciously complex brew is silky smooth with a full-bodied mouthfeel. Made with exotic Ecuadorian Cocoa Nibs to give a rich baker's chocolate earthiness without being sweet. Come on in and let this be your excuse to just have "one more". We know not every alibi is suspicious, but in the Alley it usually is...
$6.50 (16 oz)...$5.50 (12 oz)...$3.00 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $19.50 (64 oz)

Take the Biscuit - English Brown - 5.2%:

A British saying that in America would be "that takes the cake". A medium bodied beer with loads of flavors of chocolate, toffee, and toasted biscuits that stay with you from the first aroma until the last sip. A pint of this and you will understand why this style has had such a long rich history in England.
$6.00 (16oz)...$5.00 (12 oz)...$2.50 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $18.00 (64 oz)

Hatchet Granny - Double IPA - 8.3% (55 IBUs):

With big bold tongue splitting flavor our Double IPA comes hard with mounds of hops reminiscent of ripe mango, juicy pineapple, and intense tropical fruit without having a bitter backbone. Named after the hatchet wielding Carry Nation who came into town busting up illegal liquor in 1910.
$8.50 (12 oz)...$5.00 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $42.00 (64 oz)

1865 - American Porter - 5.7%:

We honor the year that Holly was officially incorporated with an easy drinking, classic beer style that dates to an even earlier time. Our super flavorful Porter is packed with a huge amount of roasty, chocolate goodness, and has just enough Fuggle and Centennial hops to balance the ton of malty grains that went into this one. Cheers to our historical Village of Holly!
$6.50 (16 oz)...$5.50 (12 oz)...$3.00 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $19.50 (64 oz)

Rightly So - English Mild - 4.0%:

Meaning it is good, it is correct, it is the right thing... this aptly named brew is quite special. Refreshing, yet flavorful, our Mild is specifically brewed for drinking in quantity. While surprisingly low in alcohol, the Mild is loaded with caramel, nutty, roasted flavors, and a light hop aroma. Kick back and enjoy a few of these session ales.
$5.50 (16 oz)...$4.50 (12 oz)...$2.00 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $17.50 (64 oz)

Golden El Dorado- Blonde - 5.2%:

This is our main stay Blonde that has everyone talking. Made with Golden Promise malt from the U.K. that gives it a very light malt taste and allows the El Dorado hops to come through just enough. The hops bring stone fruit and tropical pineapple notes, giving this beer balance, without being too bitter. So come on in, cruise slow, put the top down, and crank up your favorite Motown hits on the way to grab a pint of this amazing Blonde!
$6.00 (16 oz)...$5.00 (12 oz)...$2.50 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $18.00 (64 oz)

Saginaw Street Session - Session IPA - 4.7%:

A favorite of the brewers, the Session IPA combines the hop flavor and aroma of a traditional IPA with the lower ABV of an easy drinking session ale. Chinook, Cascade, and Amarillo hops are the star of this show. We'll continue to highlight variations on this style in our on-going Session Series.
$6.50 (16 oz)...$5.50 (12 oz)...$3.00 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $19.50 (64 oz)

Mango/Passionfruit Sour- Sour Ale- 6.6%

This beer has mounds of real Mango and Passionfruit with a sour backbone from start to finish. An incredibly refreshing brew that is sweet enough to know it is fruity, but tart enough to feel it in your jaw.
$8.00 (12 oz)...$5.00 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $40.00 (64 oz)

Warm Weather Wheat - Wheat Ale - 5.4%:

This beer is a very classic version of a wheat beer. A fairly dry beer that finishes with a slight delicate sweetness that comes from our white wheat malt. Clean and refreshing, made for those warm weather days where the best spot is underneath your favorite shade tree or your toes in the water.
$6.00 (16oz)...$5.00 (12 oz)...$2.50 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $18.00 (64 oz)

Holly Coach Company - Amber Ale - 5.2%

Our Amber is named after the Holly Coach Co. that sat where our brewery currently is. They built camper trailers from the late 1940's-60's and were demolished in the 80's. This beer has a very moderate hop bitterness that helps tone down the slight malt sweetness and caramel flavors. This is a very smooth beer from the first sip until the last drop. Sure to be a Brawler favorite year-round.
$6.00 (16oz)...$5.00 (12 oz)...$2.50 (4 oz)... Growler Fill $18.00 (64 oz)

Juicing Summer - Watermelon/Lime/Sea Salt Fruit - 5.2%

This beer is exploding with real watermelon, kissed with lime, and just enough sea salt to help bring out these amazing summer flavors. Our Brewers have been Juicing these Summer days to bring you a beer that is as refreshing as a hot day dip in a cool lake. If you're adventurous, add a bit more salt to really push it over the edge!

Special Limited Beer Release

Peanut Butter 1865 Porter ...
$7.00 (12 oz)...$4.00 (4 oz)


Blended Dry Red, Sweet Red, and Blended Sweet White....$7.50 glass


Sweet William Apple(6%)
$6.00 (16 oz)...$5.00 (12 oz)...$4.00 (4 oz)

Mango Habanero (6%)
$6.50 (16 oz)...$5.50 (12 oz)...$4.50 (4 oz)

Apple Pie Reserve (6%)
$6.50 (16 oz)...$5.50 (12 oz)...$4.50 (4 oz)

Soft Drinks:

Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite